“We failed”: Pablo Iglesias, founder of Podemos, withdraws from politics

Like an air by Lionel Jospin in April 2002. Pablo Iglesias, the controversial leader of the radical left-wing Podemos party, a partner of the Socialist Party in the ruling coalition in Spain, has announced his withdrawal from political life after the rout of the left in the regional elections Tuesday, May 4 in Madrid.

“We failed”, he said in front of a group of activists from his party, saying he felt like he was “The scapegoat which mobilizes the most obscure sentiments, the most contrary to democracy”.

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“I give up all my functions”

“I think it is obvious that today […] I do not help to collect “, continued Pablo Iglesias, 42, founder and until then leader of Podemos.

For this reason, he added, “I give up all my functions, I leave politics in the sense of partisan politics, institutional politics”, so as not to be “An obstacle to a renewal of the direction which must occur in our political force”.

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Pablo Iglesias also called “Tragedy” the triumph of the Popular Party (PP, conservative right), which he described as “The Trumpist right”, named after former US President Donald Trump, and the good score of the Vox extremist party.

The Spanish right has triumphed in the regional elections in Madrid, a stinging setback for Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his ally Podemos. According to almost final results, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, a firm opponent of strict health restrictions, doubled her score in the last regional election in May 2019, totaling more than 44% of the vote and 65 out of 136 seats in the regional parliament.

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