These images make us dream: 5,000 people without masks or distancing during a test concert in Great Britain

A crowd of 5,000 people was able to sing and dance without mask or distancing during a music festival organized in the north of England on Sunday, during a test event, the first concert authorized after confinement:

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Sold out, the concert was played at Sefton Park in Liverpool, as part of a government plan to test the security measures it intends to implement from June 21, where most of the restrictions against the coronavirus must be lifted.

“Do the normal things normal people do again… finally! “, rejoiced Matt Berry, hugging his friends not far from the tent housing the stage. “It’s good that it is starting again to test if it can work like that for this summer”, added Freya Begley.

Why organizing a test concert in France takes time

The Circus nightclub in the same town organized two evenings, Friday and Saturday, under the same sanitary conditions.

The British government had previously allowed a limited number of supporters to attend sporting events such as a soccer match at Wembley Stadium in London. Researchers are evaluating different approaches to ventilation and distancing.

Antigen test required

All participants in this two-day festival had to undergo an antigen test before entering the enclosure and will also have to be tested afterwards. They also had to leave their contact details in order to be able to implement a tracing device in the event of a positive test.

To attend the concerts, festival-goers had to show a negative test and QR code. “There is no reason for anyone to catch anything, so I feel very helpful with all of this”, explained Jess Davis, very enthusiastic.

Benjamin Biolay: “Our profession is dying”

The prestigious Brit Awards ceremony on May 11 will accept 4,000 spectators in London provided they test negative.

According to the latest government figures, more than 34 million people have received at least a first dose of vaccine in the United Kingdom, which deplores more than 127,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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