Starting from 224,738 SAR Al-Juffali offers the C-Class sedan at a competitive price

Ibrahim Al Juffali & Brothers Automotive Company introduces; Dealership of Mercedes – Benz in Saudi Arabia, car class C A sedan at a very competitive price in front of the fans of this distinctive category, as the car is displayed in the company’s showrooms spread throughout the Kingdom’s regions at prices starting at 224,738 riyals.

Ibrahim Al-Juffali & Brothers car company provides distinguished prices to its customers, and the company is keen to provide the best possible service at the level of warranty, and after-sales services at the level of maintenance

Repairs, along with the permanent supply of spare parts.

Head of Development and Marketing at Ibrahim Al-Juffali & Brothers Automotive Company, Mr. Bassem Wali, said: The competitive price offered on the category car is C Within the framework of the company’s policy to provide multiple and distinct options for customers to own Mercedes-Benz cars

He added: “The distinguished prices that customers receive when purchasing Mercedes-Benz cars that are unique in luxury and tradition, we are keen that the purchase process be the beginning of a sustainable relationship through a variety of after-sales services to keep in constant contact with our customers based on our strategy that focuses Mainly on the development and upgrading of after-sales service. “

Bassem Wali welcomed all customers who visit the company’s showrooms with the aim of getting acquainted with the range of Mercedes-Benz cars on offer, and the services and multiple purchase options that the company provides to its customers..

The car of the class stands out C The sedan has an unbridled desire to start, as the front of the upgraded car sends suggestions that express all the meanings of dynamism and modernity, and the facade appears with a striking design and shines with chrome elements, as well as lamps LED Whoever sees its charm, mesmerizing.

Class steering wheel comes C The sedan is equipped with touch control icons, as well as fully digital gauges and indications depending on the equipment and large display units that include a new generation of multimedia system, allowing, all of this to enjoy the highest levels of privacy and modernity.

Class car owners can C From a sedan car to a sporty driving mode with the utmost ease with the push of a button. New comfort mixed with activity and sensory movement thanks to the comfort and activity feature (ENERGIZING) The optional extra, which represents an illuminated sign in the cab of the class car C

Category marked C The splendor of the interior design, which is matched only by the dazzling of the exterior design, through three distinct lines that define the features of the vehicles of this class EXCLUSIVE And the AVANTGARDE And theAMG LINE In spirit, it gives features that distinguish each of these lines in the design of the class cars C.

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