SFR: unions mobilized against the departure plan

Posted on Apr 12, 2021, 6:31 AM

The discontent does not weaken at SFR, a month after the announcement of a vast “transformation plan” by the management of the operator. The surprise was followed by incomprehension, then anger. The plan targets 1,700 voluntary departures, including 400 in the operator’s network of shops, to which must be added 300 vacant jobs, for which recruitment is currently open but which are disappearing from the scope as part of this new cut of the plane – the third since 2012.

We are outraged. No one expected it. Especially after the information consultation of the CSEC [Conseil social et économique central, NDLR] on the strategic orientations at the end of last summer where management repeatedly stated that they would have no impact on employment, pointe Cécilia Pereira, assistant central union delegate of the CFTC, in the intersyndicale Unsa-CFDT-CFTC. We are nonetheless an operator of vital importance! We have contracts with the State and more than 2,000 employees benefited from partial unemployment during the first confinement.

In a revealing telescoping, two manifestations of the deep mistrust of elected officials occurred last Thursday, at the same time when the details of the project were presented to the CSEC. That day, the inter-union was first received at the Ministry of Labor for an hour to express its grievances. Then, a hearing was held in the Paris court, as part of a summary legal action by the CSEC, supported by the trade unions.

The employees urge SFR to provide the CSEC expert with complete documents on the group’s economic situation which, according to the complainants, should have been provided with the strategic orientations unveiled last October – and which made no allusion to possible difficulties. or even a necessary resizing of the company, which was announced four months later.

“Fraud in company agreements”

The trade unions are convinced of having been duped by the management of SFR. “ Book 1 and Book 2 of the Plan, which were given to us on March 29, are several thousand pages long. It is unlikely that this project was not in preparation as early as October, when management claimed that everything was fine. It’s corporate agreement fraud », Denounces Cécilia Pereira. A second complaint was thus filed for this reason by the central CSE.

Another grievance, if the conditions of the plan, in particular financial, for the candidates at the start are more or less as generous as in 2017, the elected officials question its truly voluntary nature. “ Normally, a post should not be abolished until after the volunteer leaves. There, in this project, entire teams disappear into the target organization that was presented to us, such as a team of seven people in Lyon in charge of specific contracts, as well as its manager. Three positions are created for the same mission, but in Paris. People are scared. They ask themselves: what am I going to do tomorrow? », Explains Cécilia Pereira.

Elected officials are also worried about the creation of positions equivalent to those eliminated in another subsidiary of the group, Rhôn’Telecom. “ We suspect that Altice is recruiting young people, less experienced, with lower wages and fewer rights through this means – in the same way that customer service was transferred to a subsidiary during the previous plan. », Fears Ahmed Achamrah, CGT FAPT delegate. The union, a minority at SFR, calls on employees to walk out on Monday. The inter-union Unsa-CFDT-CFTC meets on Tuesday to decide on possible actions. When questioned, the management of SFR declined to comment.

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