Sanabel Modern Motors, a subsidiary of Mohamed Youssef Naghi, acquires the agency of Chery and Exceed cars

Sanabel Modern Automotive Company announced today the completion of a new partnership contract with Chery Automobile Company, and Sanabel Modern Motors has become one of Mohamed Youssef Naghi’s companies, and an authorized agent for the long-standing brand products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The signing of the agreement was witnessed by the Group President, Mr. Muhammad Yusef Naghi and Mr. Jang Guinpeng, Chairman of Chery International. Mr. Mohamed Youssef Naghi stated that the agreement would provide modern, high-quality and efficient options to meet the desires and needs of various segments of the Saudi market. In turn, Mr. Jang Guinpeng affirmed his aspiration for the outcome of this agreement given the great importance of the Saudi market, the largest consumer market in the Middle East, to Chery.

This strategic partnership with the Modern Sanabel Motors Company represents an important strategic step by Chery due to its local partner’s solid experience built through long decades in the automotive sector. “Sanabel’s management, specially commissioned, aspires to Chery Pro.” Chery Pro- And the Exeed brand “, to harness its professional capabilities in the sales and after-sales services sector to serve its customers through all associated channels throughout the Kingdom in a short period of time.”.

This agreement provides for the provision of “Chery Pro” products Chery Pro – ” The distinguished and high quality of its customers, due to the practical and advanced technical components of Chery Pro cars, which enabled it to occupy a high position in the global markets, which made it at the forefront of Chinese car exports in the world for eighteen years in a row. Chery got the highest rating from the China New Car Assessment Program, and won many awards in safety and quality such as C-NCAP, JD POWER, AndICQCC. It has also met a number of international standards EU / ECE, FMVSS, GSO, TPTC, INMETRO. It also recorded a new milestone with the launch of its luxury segment, which ranked first among SUVs for 2020. Exeed, the luxury brand of Chery, is currently preparing to emerge as one of the most prestigious SUVs to compete with major brands around the world..

Chery sees its partnership as a practical embodiment of its values ​​based on innovation, design creativity and excellence. Today Chery is looking to new heights with modern Sanabel Motors as an ideal partner to strengthen its position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and achieve its long-term strategic objectives.

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