Production of the world’s first long-distance car powered by solar energy by the end of 2021

“Bridgestone” has signed an exclusive partnership with “Leightier” in the field of transportation, whereby Bridgestone is working under this partnership to design custom tires for the “Lightyear One”, the world’s first long-distance car powered by solar energy, which will be available in the market by the end of 2021.

The latest studies conducted by “Bridgestone” indicate that 50% of drivers in Europe are seriously considering owning fully electric cars, while 37% are reluctant to do so due to concerns about the efficiency of these cars and the limited distance they travel.

In this context, “Leightier” has worked to allay these concerns with the “Leightier One”, which travels an unprecedented long distance of 725 kilometers, saving energy three times more than the alternative electric cars available in the market today. The car is charged from solar energy directly, through its roof, which is composed of an innovative solar panel, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions, saves charging time for drivers and improves efficiency.

Leightier has engineered the limits of current technology to design a car with the best aerodynamics in the automotive industry, with great successes in many aspects of design. It has also sought to obtain tires that offer low rolling resistance and are lightweight, able to conserve battery life, increase vehicle mileage and reduce environmental impact.

Emilio Tepiro, Director of Operations and Technology at Bridgestone Europe, Middle East, India and Africa said: “We are very confident in the approach that“ Leiteer ”is taking in the field of sustainable transportation, especially after we have seen its team successfully take on the“ Bridgestone Global Solar Challenge ”, so we are pleased to play a role. He was the head of the current “Leightier One” development project. We also affirm our commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030 and use 100% sustainable materials by 2050, stressing the importance of strategic partnerships to achieve these ambitious goals. ”Said Lex Huifslott, CEO of Lightyear:“ We are happy. With our cooperation with Bridgestone, with whom we share a vision towards sustainable transport in the future at a time when the world is already witnessing unprecedented changes and challenges, we are confident that, through innovation and advanced technologies, we can work together to take advantage of the available opportunities and create a more sustainable world. ”


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