PowerZ, the start-up that uses video games to educate children

Posted on Apr 6, 2021 8:45 AM

To each his own way of killing time. During the first confinement, some took to cooking or gardening. Emmanuel Freund, the former co-founder of cloud computing specialist Blade, has worked hard to launch PowerZ: an educational video game for children aged 6 to 12.

From play cards and board games to educational books, learning while having fun is an old idea. But, paradoxically, the booming video game industry rarely explores this territory.

An error in the eyes of Emmanuel Freund, who convinced the Hachette publishing house, the Educapital fund and several renowned business angels (Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Michaël Benabou, Octave Klaba, etc.) to raise 3 million euros in September 2020 to develop this daring project.

Invitation to reverie

PowerZ is an adventure game that invites you to dream. “We wanted it to be as fun as Zelda or Pokemon. But the big difference is that children learn things without realizing it ”, exposes Emmanuel Freund.

“In the first chapter of the game, children can acquire very complex vocabulary words”, continues the boss. They also have to do mental arithmetic to advance in the game. The company is supported by education specialists and will be able to tackle new themes over time (two chapters are currently available).

A free price

“Children can also give us ideas on how to develop PowerZ. We have already received 2,000 messages ”, rejoices Emmanuel Freund. While scientists warn against addiction to children’s screens, the boss puts it into perspective. “Screens are part of our lives. We want to ensure that they are used in a reasonable way. ” Parents can thus control their children’s play time via an app.

Another originality: the amount to pay to play PowerZ is free. “12% of our users have paid”, advance the boss. After developing the game on Mac and PC, PowerZ now wants to launch on tablet and the Twitch streaming service.

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