Gene linked to balding may up Covid severity in men

New York, May 9 Men with a common form of hormone-sensitive hair loss are more prone to being hospitalized and at risk for ICU admission due to Covid-19, researchers have found. Androgenetic alopecia is a condition of permanent hair loss from the scalp, causing baldness. […]

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In Avignon, an emotional tribute to the police officer killed in intervention on Wednesday

In a great meditation, a crowd of police and Avignon gathered on Sunday May 9 in front of the Avignon police station in tribute to a 36-year-old brigadier, Eric Masson, killed on May 5 during an intervention against a drug trafficking point. A national tribute, […]

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Production of the world’s first long-distance car powered by solar energy by the end of 2021

“Bridgestone” has signed an exclusive partnership with “Leightier” in the field of transportation, whereby Bridgestone is working under this partnership to design custom tires for the “Lightyear One”, the world’s first long-distance car powered by solar energy, which will be available in the market by […]

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Fréjus: “We therefore need permanent reinforcements,” said David Rachline after a night of urban violence in his town

Urban violence broke out on the night of Saturday, May 8 to Sunday in the district of La Gabelle in Fréjus, confirms the mayor of the Var commune David Rachline to franceinfo. Two national police officers and one municipal police officer were also injured. franceinfo: […]

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Genesis reaches the final stages in the International Awards for Distinctive Design 2020 in two categories

Studio Genesis Hannam, located in South Korea, and the interactive event, “Model’s special exhibition.” G90To the final stages of the International Awards for Distinguished Design (IDEA®) for 2020 and organized by the Industrial Designers Association of America (IDSA). Studio Genesis Hannam has been announced as […]