Murder of George Floyd: police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty wants to overturn the verdict

White policeman Derek Chauvin, found guilty of the murder of African-American George Floyd, asked Tuesday, May 4, to quash the verdict, accusing the jury of having had “inappropriate behavior”. Her request was filed after photos of one of the twelve jurors appeared in an anti-racist demonstration, which raised questions about his impartiality, but she does not mention them.

His lawyer Me Eric Nelson asks “a hearing to overturn the verdict on the basis of inappropriate jury behavior, threats, intimidation and pressure on him and / or his failure to follow instructions during deliberations”, according to a document sent to justice.

He is also calling for a new trial on the grounds that the judge refused to disorient the trial and isolate the jurors during the hearings, so much so that they, according to him, were influenced by the immense media coverage of the case.

Eight days after the verdict on Derek Chauvin, one of the jurors, Brandon Mitchell, a 31-year-old black man, gave several interviews, hoping to encourage African Americans to sit on juries. “Like voting, it can help bring about a change”, he had said. Since then, a photo of him, wearing a T-shirt in the colors of the Black Lives Matter movement with the mention “Get your knees off our necks”, has surfaced on social networks.

Brandon Mitchell explained to the local press that he was photographed in this outfit on the sidelines of a large anti-racist demonstration organized in late August. But, in the questionnaire sent to potential jurors before the trial, he said he had not participated in the protests against the police violence that followed the death of George Floyd.

“His answers were technically correct”, since it was a commemoration, notes jury selection expert Jeffrey Frederick. “It is now up to the judge to question him again to see if he had any preconceptions or if he lied, and to decide if it is serious enough to affect the outcome of the trial.”, he added. “But the bar is very high to cancel a lawsuit, and that happens very rarely”, he stressed.

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