Maserati appoints global luxury car dealerships as its new dealer for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Maserati, the leading Italian manufacturer of luxury cars, has announced the appointment of the International Luxury Car Agencies Company as a new agent and official importer for it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Commenting on the matter, Mr. Domenico La Marti, General Manager of Maserati Middle East and Africa said: “We are pleased to welcome the agencies. The global luxury car brand is part of the Maserati family, and we look forward to working together to launch the new Maserati era.We are fully confident in the role of our new partner in helping us to continue the distinguished march of success for our brand in the Kingdom. , Through its distinguished representation over the past two decades. ” On his part, Mr. Mohamed Rafah, CEO of Fast Auto Technique, said: “We have had the honor to represent and promote the Maserati brand during our long partnership with it. I would like to thank our loyal customers for their great support over the years. “We look forward to continuing our focus on our current super sports car business, and I offer best wishes to the global luxury car agencies, and we are confident that they will take Maserati to unprecedented levels.” In turn, Mr. Mohamed Salah El-Din Abdel-Jawad, Chairman and CEO of Global Luxury Vehicles Agencies, said: “We thank Fast Auto Technic for its role in paving the way for Maserati’s position in the Kingdom. We are proud to continue this legacy by appointing us as an official agent and importer of Maserati in the Kingdom. We expect that the brand will witness further prosperity as it enters a new era that includes an expanded range of models, and we affirm our commitment to providing the highest standards of ownership services to customers in the Kingdom, to ensure that Maserati customers have a smooth transition from now until the opening of our permanent facilities in the second half of 2021. ” The new and temporary service halls and facilities are scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2021. The Maserati Riyadh Showroom and Service Center will be located on Khurais Road, while the Maserati Jeddah Gallery will be located on Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street in Al Khalidiyah, and the Maserati Jeddah Service Center in Al Naeem neighborhood on Madinah Road. The two showrooms will display the latest Maserati cars from Ghibli Hybrid and Trofeo, as well as MC20 The brand’s first-of-its-kind super sports at the end of the year. The permanent facilities and showrooms are currently under construction, according to designs consistent with the Maserati identity; It is scheduled to open in the second half of 2021. Based on its experience for more than 70 years, IAA is one of the largest dealer networks with 30 branches in 18 cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has succeeded in building a distinguished reputation due to the high level of services provided to customers, and commitment to the pledges made by the offers.

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