Libyan funding: Nicolas Sarkozy again indicted for “criminal association”

The former President of the Republic, who had been questioned since the beginning of the week by judges Aude Buresi and Marc Sommerer, was indicted in connection with the case of the supposed Libyan financing of his 2007 presidential campaign, announces the national financial prosecutor this Friday, October 16, confirming information from “Mediapart”.

The investigation into the Libyan financing of Sarkozy’s campaign in 2007 will be able to continue

The charge? “Criminal association” for the preparation of crimes punishable by ten years’ imprisonment (corruption and embezzlement of Libyan public funds). This new lawsuit, revealed by the online news site, is the fourth in this case for the former head of state, who said he was the victim of a “Plot” after the indictments pronounced in March 2018 for “Passive corruption”, “Concealment of embezzlement of public funds” and “Illegal campaign financing”.

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