Lelandais trial: a “gentle” child who became Nordahl the “vagabond”

Certainly, Nordahl Lelandais’ hair has turned white. But, contrary to what has been written here and there, the former dog handler does not show up in the box of the Assize Court of Savoy with “50 kilos” more, a weight he would have taken. since his detention in the summer of 2017. Behind the carefully trimmed pepper and salt beard, we can easily recognize the man, now 38 years old. In a blue shirt and beige pants, a wedding ring in his left hand, the accused stands up and briefly removes his mask: “Yes I gave death to Arthur Noyer, but I never wanted to kill him”, he said in a clear voice. In front of him, in front of the bench of lawyers for the victim’s family, a large portrait of the corporal, killed on the night of April 11 to 12, 2017, was filed by the civil parties. Nordahl Lelandais, who also confessed to having killed little Maëlys de Aarujo in August of the same year, faces 30 years in prison for this murder.

The fatal night when Corporal Noyer crossed paths with Nordahl Lelandais …

Banal childhood

Nordahl Lelandais had a normal childhood and adolescence. It is a reality, repeats at the bar, as embarrassed, the investigator of personality who questioned the accused during the investigation. ” To sum up, is it a childhood without any major difficulty? », Asks President François-Xavier Manteaux.

“Without any, Mr. Chairman. “

A mother employed in a radiology practice, a father commercial attaché in the industry

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