Kate Bingham, the “Queen” of British vaccination

Boris Johnson is calling her just days after being released from intensive care in the spring of 2020. “Please, Kate, do something. People must stop dying ”, begs the British Prime Minister, who is recovering from a serious infection with the new coronavirus. Kate, aka Catherine Elizabeth Bingham, 55, is a friend of her sister Rachel. She is also the wife of the Secretary of State for the Treasury, the Tory Jesse Norman, who, like Johnson, studied at the prestigious Eton College. Most importantly, for thirty years, she has been a City professional, associate director at SV Health Investors, a Boston-based venture capital firm that has invested $ 2 billion in biotechnology and medical companies in 2017.

A few weeks earlier, the head of government was boasting. The virus ? It was necessary to let it circulate and to bet everything on collective immunity, with a result that we know: the United Kingdom, which was one of the countries most affected by the first pandemic wave, now has 127,000 deaths from Covid-19, the heaviest death toll in Europe and one of the worst in the world according to data from Johns-Hopkins University – and its prime minister has posted an unprecedented drop in popularity in the polls.

Ranting in intensive care: Boris Johnson’s 4 crazy weeks in the face of Covid

Kate Bingham has six months to prepare a nationwide vaccination plan. His pr

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