Juffali Motors is a sponsor of Jeddah Ramadan Center

Ibrahim Al-Juffali & Brothers Automotive Company, dealerships of Mercedes-Benz cars in the Kingdom, registered its attendance at one of the most important Ramadan events in the city of Jeddah, after the company entered as a sponsor of the center’s event, which returns this year after it stopped last year due to the Corona pandemic, following its excellent start in the year 2019. The General Entertainment Authority announced the launch of the second season of the Ramadan tent “Al-Marakaz” in the governorate of Jeddah, with a new look and a wonderful engineering design in terms of decoration and coordination of colors and lighting, and a distinctive quality that matches international standards, while preserving the precautionary measures to prevent the “emerging corona virus”, and the instructions Of social distancing in restaurant and cafe sessions. Al-Markaz is committed to the highest quality standards in terms of food safety management, through a team specialized in food safety, in addition to safety officials who ensure the commitment of visitors and workers to the implementation of safety measures and prevention of the “emerging corona” virus, foremost of which is measuring temperature, social distancing, and providing Sterilizers and disinfectants, and make sure that they download the “Tawakalna” application, and provide a single-use prayer rug. And shine in the marquise this year the car category S From Mercedes-Benz, which Ibrahim Al Juffali & Brothers Automotive Company was keen to display in a distinctive way in front of the main hall of the event for all visitors to interact with. The company was also keen to allocate a working team to accompany the entire days of the event, who in turn answered all inquiries. On this occasion, the Head of Development and Marketing at Ibrahim Al Juffali and Brothers Automotive Company, Bassem Wali, affirmed that the establishment of the Ramadan tent event “Al Marakaz” this year is completely different from the previous time because it carries in the current year signs of imminent return to normal life in light of the great efforts and thanks from our wise leadership This is done by providing the latest vaccines that have been reached globally, and applying the highest health standards and recommendations to confront this pandemic. And about Participation a company Ibrahim Juffali Bro For cars at effectiveness Marquis Explained That the desire Big From side The company at Sharing Distinctive And cooperation Discerning From side Responsible at Administration My night It was for him Role prominent at existence MercedesBenz at this is The demonstration Ramadan Brilliant.

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