Jack Lang: “I want to write my Memoirs, but I can’t do it”

OBS. Three books come out around the “Lang years”. As if it were your anniversary and not that of the election of François Mitterrand that we were celebrating or rather as if, of his two seven-year terms, only the cultural revolution remained. Is this your feeling?

JACK LANG. No. From his presidency remain freedoms in many areas, such as radio, television, gay rights, local communities, the defense of human rights, strong social measures, Europe. And culture, which has penetrated the collective consciousness. What remains is basically a conception of life. Without François Mitterrand, I would not have been able to do anything. He deeply believed that culture should take center stage. We were in the line of Jean Vilar who said “Culture must be a public service, just like water, gas and electricity”. At the time, we were convinced that when the day came, if the day came, we should overturn the table. For us, socialism was first and foremost a cultural change.

As for the books that come out, I have nothing to do with it. I’m not complaining, of course, especially since I had nothing to do! I want to write my Memoirs, but I can’t do it …


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“The Lang Years. A history of cultural policies 1981-1993 ”, edited by Vince

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