Indictment of the suspect in the murder of Victorine Dartois: what to remember from the press conference of the Grenoble prosecutor

The suspect arrested in the investigation into the death of young Victorine Dartois in Isère, a 25-year-old neighbor who did not know her, was indicted for murder preceded by an attempted rape, announced the Grenoble prosecutor’s office .

The investigation of death of Victorine Dartois continues and progresses. During a press conference, Thursday, October 15, the Grenoble prosecutor Eric Vaillant and his deputy, Boris Duffau, announced the indictment of the suspect and provided an update on the progress of the investigation into the murder of the 18-year-old student, found lifeless on September 28, two days after her disappearance, near Villefontaine (Isère).

Here is what to remember from their intervention.

What do we know about the suspect?

The suspect, whose identity the prosecutor has revealed, is a 25-year-old man: Ludovic Bertin. Like Victorine Dartois, he resides in Villefontaine, with his partner and a young child, namely the parquet floor. He is already known to the courts having been convicted about ten times for common law offenses.

The suspect said in police custody that he did not know the victim. Questioned later by journalists, the lawyer for the Dartois family, Kelly Monteiro, confirmed that the relatives of the young woman did not know the suspect.

According to the deputy prosecutor, “the testimony of a relative of the suspect, who received his confidences”, allowed his arrest on Tuesday afternoon.

What is his version of the facts?

The suspect “admitted his involvement in the murder of Victorine” while in police custody. He said he had it “crossed by chance”, while he was jogging. “An argument would then have broken out between them after an involuntary stampede”, explained the deputy prosecutor. “He would have then very quickly panicked and would have grabbed her twice by the neck, squeezing it very tightly”. “No particular motive was mentioned by the accused”, added the deputy prosecutor.

He admitted to investigators to have deposited the body of the victim in the water to hide it, which corresponds to the conclusions of the autopsy having reported a death by drowning and a strangulation.

Wednesday morning, a “the situation of the person concerned at the supposed place of the murder made it possible to accredit part of his statements”, added Boris Duffau. The indicted in particular admitted having returned home and then throwing his clothes in a container. These clothes were found by investigators.

What are the charges?

The suspect was indicted for kidnapping, forcible confinement and murder preceded by attempted rape. Ludovic Bertin denies the sexual nature of the facts with which he is accused, said the prosecution, which however justified the reason for “attempted rape” for his indictment by the fact that the victim had been discovered with his pants down his legs. On this point, “his explanations do not convince us”, pointed out the prosecutor.

He faces life imprisonment, said the deputy prosecutor of Grenoble. He is currently before the judge of freedoms, who must decide whether or not to place him in pre-trial detention.

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