In court, the nurse who threw “stones”: “Violence is what we experience every day in the hospital”

The images toured social networks on June 16, 2020. During a demonstration of caregivers having degenerated, a small woman in a white coat throws pieces of asphalt towards the police, and gives them fingers of honor. Other images show her being arrested, dragged by the hair against a tree, tackled by several police officers on the ground, and we hear her begging, over and over: “I have asthma, I want my ventoline”.

How Farida C., 51, who works as a nursing executive at Paul Brousse hospital, mother of two children and without a criminal record, found herself in this situation when faced with the police?

“My hands don’t hurt, they heal”

Many were present to come and listen to the answer on February 22 in court. So much so that, faced with the crowds, it was necessary to change rooms. And that the judge, faced with the demonstrative reactions of the public had to demand silence. Farida C., petite, leather jacket and small black ankle boots, hair meticulously straightened and permed, presents herself as a pure product of public meritocracy: when she arrived in France at 20, she started as a domestic worker in private homes, before to pass a competitive examination as a childcare assistant, then as a nurse. An exemplary course, and a clean criminal record. “For you, it’s an accident to be there”, summarizes the judge.

Farida C. is accused of throwing pieces of bitumen at the police, which she does not deny, May

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