How Huawei became the telecoms and 5G champion

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She is expected in Paris. 5G continues to be deployed in France and across the planet. But after the medical tug-of-war and other lawsuits against the airwaves, new obstacles stand in its way. The geopolitical stakes and the predominance of the equipment manufacturer Huawei on the global 5G project make it hostage to the tensions between the United States and China. The Chinese brand, best known to the general public for its smartphones, is the world number one in mobile phone antennas. This crystallizes a lot of suspicion against him.

Thus, on December 1, 2018, the telecoms industry was struck by thunder. Meng Wanzhou, financial director of Chinese Huawei and daughter of the founder, was arrested in Vancouver when he got off his plane at the request of the US State Department. The world wave war that the United States and China were already waging has since taken an even more serious turn.

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