“He’s an alien! »: Kylian Mbappé seen by Bernard Pivot, Philippe Delerm, Olivier Guez …

Philippe Delerm: “We simplify our talent”

“Mbappé started his career with a world champion title at 19. This is the best and the worst thing. I see him on the walls of the metro, in big advertising campaigns for PSG, always in the spotlight, his beautiful smile, his beautiful face. He plays in two teams, PSG and France, which do not really have a style of play. Mbappé occupies the same role: the arrow, the thunder, the sprinter. I find that reductive compared to his faculties. The player is remarkable but geared only towards efficiency – scoring goals – in a system of play based on the counterattack. We simplify his talent.

Philippe Delerm, in 2016. His latest book: “la Vie en relief”, Seuil (BALTEL / SIPA)

I wonder about his pleasure to play. I am ready to put my hand in the fire that a boy with such technical background must be frustrated playing like this. I would like to see him carry the ball more, play with teammates in the style of Xavi or Iniesta [anciens joueurs du FC Barcelone, NDLR]. The man seems to me in any case extremely sympathetic. There is an elegance in his way of being. We feel that he is expressing something else. It is a kind of precious jewel. It’s great to be able to make people dream so much with intelligent, coherent behavior. What bothers me is that he has to be faced with things that are not so easy to deal with when you’re his age. “

Kylian Mbappé, portrait of a French icon ready to engage


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