Hankook Tire wins two iF Design Awards for 2021

The IF International Design Awards crowned the leading tire company, Hankook, with two awards in the two professional concept categories.Professional Concept‘And propaganda and media’CommunicationFor the “Innovative Designs” project of the year 2020.

The “Innovative Designs” project is one of the projects of Hankook Tire Company’s research and development department, which is being implemented every two years, in cooperation with one of the world’s leading design universities. In it, a vision for future leadership is put forward and sustainable solutions are developed that address the challenges ahead through joint scientific research. Hankook has collaborated on the “Innovative Designs” project for the year 2020, With professors and students of the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati in the United States.

Under the slogan “Urban Reshaping”, the project envisioned the ongoing transformation in cities guided by reconfigured mobility as a necessity of life, and as part of the viability of living in cities instead of focusing only on cars as independent elements in the future, as the infrastructure will be adopted with enhanced automatic control systems. And advanced technologies such as environmentally friendly technology, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence (AI).

A typical standard platform proposed by Hankook was recognized, and it was named “Hankook Platforms System”.Hankook Platform System(“As the winner of the Professional Concepts category, which is used in conjunction with the“ Hankook Creative Performance ”criteria)HIP), Which represent the distinctive technological and scientific achievements of Hankook Company and clarify that the tire in fact plays a pivotal role and an essential element in the movement of mobility. In particular, it scored high in the form criterion that assesses aesthetics and execution, as well as in the criterion of differentiation that assesses uniqueness and distinct intrinsic value.

The hive frameHPS“It is an airless tire that contains a cell unit, and it is an innovative tire that uses one of the advanced sensing techniques to not only determine the tire pattern and know the road conditions in real time, but also addresses the risks resulting from corrosion and changes the patterns of the patterns according to the road conditions by using the variable rims system and identifying Optimum infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Innovative Designs movie won 2020; It is a film that was produced to introduce the relevant concepts and reflect the distinct aspects of the framework and the cell platform.HPS-Cell“, Which won an award in the Advertising and Media category. The film shows how future city dwellers can use this type of mobility platform. It has been rated highly in the impact criterion that assesses sustainability and social contribution.”

Jimmy Kwon, Vice President of Hankook Tire Lab, said: “It is our honor to obtain global recognition for our philosophy and our innovative design capabilities. This recognition demonstrates our design leadership in the industry, as well as our vision for future mobility. And by integrating new and advanced ideas with our latest technology. , We are constantly exploring innovative design concepts for the next generation and enhancing our brand’s unique portfolio. ”

On this occasion, Mr. Marwan Bin Shihon, Vice President of Bin-Shihon Group, agents of Hankook tires in the Kingdom, affirmed that Hankook’s winning of these two prestigious awards is added to its balance of distinction and brilliance in the continuous quality and innovation it offers to its customers, until it gained this high global position among all car tire makers around the world.

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