Fréjus: “We therefore need permanent reinforcements,” said David Rachline after a night of urban violence in his town

Urban violence broke out on the night of Saturday, May 8 to Sunday in the district of La Gabelle in Fréjus, confirms the mayor of the Var commune David Rachline to franceinfo. Two national police officers and one municipal police officer were also injured.

franceinfo: What happened last night in the Gabelle district?

David rachline : National and municipal police officers were attacked first by forty thugs, then a hundred. Police vehicles were damaged, one of them was set on fire. We have 3 wounded, 2 national police officers and one municipal police officer. Businesses were damaged and some of them were ransacked, 4 to my knowledge.

Is the neighborhood usually quiet?

It is violence that now takes place regularly. I think it is linked to the intervention of the police in the field of drug trafficking in particular, but not only since surveillance cameras have been degraded. The police are regularly attacked. And young people [à l’origine des violences] who are a tiny minority, let’s be clear, between 50 and 100, spoil the lives of the inhabitants of this neighborhood.

Who are the troublemakers?

Thugs that we know well, that we are used to treating from a police point of view but who are never convicted by the courts. There is even, last week, a young person who was caught with 10 kg of cannabis and who is quietly at home with an electronic bracelet and the criminal response obviously does not seem at all appropriate to me. Under these conditions, the chaos will continue to spread.

What should be done ? What are the solutions ?

The State is completely overwhelmed by events in terms of police resources on the ground and completely resigned in the area of ​​criminal response. The last time I questioned the Minister of the Interior, the reinforcements came for a period of 40 hours, which is largely insufficient. We therefore need permanent reinforcements until these clashes cease and once again a suitable criminal response. Finally, it is necessary that the legislator seizes it and for that I believe that it will be necessary that elections take place. So, before next year, I’m afraid we won’t be able to make much progress on the subject.

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