Facebook will reopen its offices while extending teleworking

Silicon Valley is divided on the issue of telecommuting. Facebook announced Wednesday that its employees will be able to work from home for the long term, including abroad. A decision in contrast to its neighbor Apple, which on the contrary seeks to bring its staff back to Cupertino.

From June 15, Facebook employees who can perform their work remotely will be able to request to perpetuate the teleworking, said the giant of social networks. “We believe that the way we work matters more than where we are,” said a spokesperson. “We want to be the place where people can perform at their best while ensuring a seamless experience for all of our employees, wherever they are. “

Support for expatriation

Silicon Valley firms, among the first in the United States to close their offices at the start of the Covid pandemic, have been reflecting for several months on the new working conditions. As early as last year, Twitter, for example, offered its employees the opportunity to work from home indefinitely.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg estimated that half of the platform’s workforce could work remotely within ten years. Thanks to progress in the fight against the spread of Covid and vaccination campaigns, the platform is targeting offices 50% open in the United States by the beginning of September, and 100% in October. But it is also strengthening possibilities in terms of teleworking, including its support program for employees who wish to emigrate from the United States to Canada or from its “Europe-Middle East-Africa” region to the United Kingdom. Google and Microsoft are also counting on hybrid systems.

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