EXCLUSIVE. Kylian Mbappé confides in “l’Obs”: “I know the weight of my words and my actions”

“No more than forty-five minutes”, had warned his lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, essential for anyone who wants to approach the icon. The interview lasted… forty-five minutes, and a few more informal ones. To interview an average personality, this may seem short. But Kylian Mbappé is not an average personality. His tongue goes as fast as his legs, and no question seems to bother him. The star striker of the France team allows himself, unlike his elders – Platini or Zidane – to take a stand on social facts. For the first time in his career, and on the eve of the start of Euro 2021, where he will be eagerly awaited, he has agreed to deliver to “the Obs” his vision of what he calls ” new France “, his identity, his tensions, as well as the way he sees his role and his commitments.

Macron calls you in a YouTube video, the cameras show you being vaccinated, you have become essential …

When you are a public figure, you should expect your actions to be publicized. I know the weight I have, the weight of my words, the weight of my actions. If thanks to me, other young people are vaccinated, it is with pleasure. If I can help, I must do it, not be selfish and self-centered.

You seem very aware of your status as a public figure.

I know I have rights, and duties too. And it’s part of my duty to help others. It is also u

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