Distance courses paralyzed: the explanations of the Ministry of National Education disputed

The resumption of homeschooling has not been smooth, far from it. Tuesday was marked by computer bugs, slowing down the tools used for distance education and leaving many students unable to work. Technical problems that continue this Wednesday April 7.

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Faced with this sluggish start, the explanations of the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, between “Cyberattack from abroad” and saturated servers, sometimes struggled to convince.

Undersized servers?

Tuesday morning, the Minister of National Education explained that the ENT (digital work environments) are managed by “Local authorities, which depend on a private operator in Strasbourg, the victim of a fire some time ago, which was unable to cope with the influx of connections this morning”.

Slowdowns, saturation, servers … the return from school to home has experienced several bugs

In a tweet, Michel Paulin, the leader of this private operator named OVHcloud, replied that “OVHcloud is not responsible for the malfunctions of certain distance education services”.

He also adds that “The fire in Strasbourg has no connection with them” and “Affected ENT regions and unavailable applications are not hosted at OVHcloud! “.

Contacted by Franceinfo, the host also specifies that it is fully capable of dealing with an influx of connections. But underlines that the servers may have been undersized, since no request for additional infrastructure to cope with load peaks would have been made on the part of customers managing ENTs at the departmental, regional, or for the National Education account.

A cyberattack “coming from abroad”?

As for the device of the Cned (National Center for Distance Learning) My class at home, which also underwent “Disturbances”, Jean-Michel Blanquer spoke on Tuesday morning of a “Very strong computer attack from abroad”, without further details on its origin.

According to France-Inter this Wednesday morning, the Quai d’Orsay had not been warned, and the minister’s entourage explained that it was then only a ” suspicion “. An accusation ” disproportionate “According to a diplomat quoted by the radio.

In the evening, the ministry no longer mentioned a foreign attack, but simply cyberattacks, again without specifying their origin.

“Cyber ​​attacks have quadrupled in one year,” notes Florence Parly

In a statement, the Cned affirmed Tuesday evening its intention to ” file a complaint “, “In the face of these deliberate malicious acts”, evoking in particular “Several dozen attacks on the educational continuity site My class at home, which could not be completely blocked by the operator”.

An investigation, entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Crime related to Information and Communication Technologies, was opened on Wednesday April 7 for “Fraudulent access to an automated processing system” and “Interference with operation” of such a system, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Slowdowns still ongoing

This Wednesday, Twitter users still noted bugs on certain ENTs, the SNES-FSU Normandy union thus pointing to “Norman ENTs who work in bits and pieces”. Jean Rottner, the president of the Grand Est region, spoke of “Slowdowns due to a mechanical problem on a storage disk”.

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