Designed to Top: Nissan Saudi Arabia unveils the new 2021 Nissan Patrol “NISMO” for the first time in the Kingdom

Nissan unveiled the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new version of the legendary “Patrol Nismo”, inspired by motorsport, combines the striking exterior design and luxurious interior touches with the superior performance of a sports car.

The new car will be available exclusively to customers in the region, beginning a year of celebrations for the 70th anniversary since the launch of the Nissan Patrol in 1951. It also contributes to the implementation of the strategy. Nissan NEXT In the region after the regional launch of the all-new Nissan X-Terra.

The new Nissan Patrol Nismo, which combines sporty highlights and bold design, confirms Nissan’s long history in motorsport and reflects the region’s love for high-performance cars. The new version has been designed to meet the needs and aspirations of customers looking for the distinction and luxury offered by the legendary Nissan Patrol while at the same time wanting to experience the enthusiasm and excitement resulting from enhanced performance and outstanding control capabilities.

The exterior design of the new version has been revised to enhance the aerodynamics and suspension characteristics and achieve zero lift force. It also provided the car with improved control capabilities and design that provides additional comfort while driving in addition to Nissan Intelligent Navigation features.

In this context, he said Bader Al-Husami, CEO of Nissan Saudi Arabia: “Since we launched the NISMO brand in the region, we have been keen to listen to our customers in order to meet their changing requirements, and we have worked in cooperation with our global teams to present NISMO that not only stop at meeting customer needs but also elevates the distinctive Patrol experience to a whole new horizon. New 2021 customers can experience the feeling of driving a sports car par excellence and attract attention thanks to its distinctive vehicle design“.

The launch of the Patrol Nismo confirms the strong demand for this premium brand in the Arab Gulf states since its entry into the region in 2016. It also indicates Nissan’s commitment to providing unique driving experiences. With craftsmanship, superior quality and refined design, the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 joins us 370Z NISMO and GT-RNISMO to deliver outstanding aerodynamic characteristics and motorsport-inspired designs with enhanced handling capabilities and unparalleled agility..

He added Husami He said: “We are proud to launch the new Patrol Nismo 2021 exclusively for our customers in the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, coinciding with the start of our celebrations for the seventieth anniversary of the launch of the Nissan Patrol in the region, and we look forward to following our customers as they explore the eye-catching capabilities of this SUV. Inserted on the new Patrol Nismo 2021, the car has become an example of superior performance, luxury and sophistication, and reinforces Patrol’s strong offerings and overall business strategy, which ensures that we remain distinguished in the region. “

Elaborate design

The new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 is based on the Patrol “LE Platinum City” V8 model and is in line with Nissan’s new design philosophy of boldness and dynamism.

And he said Mitsunori Morita, NISMO Chief DesignerDesigning NISMO road cars represents a challenge and a wonderful opportunity for us to express our passion for superior design. We have designed the Nissan Patrol Nismo with our focus on the discerning customer who is looking for superior performance. We took care in this design to the smallest details to provide the most enjoyable and authentic driving experiences so that customers can Test their enthusiasm and unleash their imaginations. “

Morita continued, “During the design of the new Nissan Patrol Nismo, we sought to give customers a feeling of confidence and pride in owning it, given its advanced aerodynamic elements, the size advantages and the striking presence of a premium-class SUV, which add to its strength.” Of the enormous amounts, thus confirming its supremacy as an example of true superior performance. “

The dynamic design plays a pivotal role in underscoring the Patrol Nismo personality, as it reflects sportiness and has a strong presence. A new interface has been designed with a three-dimensional honeycomb design that highlights a grille V-Motion Front. The car is also equipped with new headlights and horizontal stripes made of chrome bearing the NISMO logo. The rear bumper features a symmetrical design that accentuates the car’s width, with dark chrome inserts and new taillights. It also includes rear fog lights with technology LED Inspired by the Nissan Formula 1 car, it has the same brightness as the brake lights in difficult conditions.

The red NISMO line covers the perimeter of the car and defines its design lines. The car is also equipped with 22-inch two-color aluminum wheels bearing the NISMO logo, adding a distinct character to the car. On the other hand, the tuned suspension system features Pelstein shock absorbers that provide greater control and sportiness.

While the exterior is characterized by confidence, the interior is characterized by absolute luxury and is a reminder of the long history of NISMO motorsport. With the spacious front seats, the driver becomes united with the car, while distinct stitching underscores the luxury and high performance of the NISMO models. Alcantara leather was used, which is the preferred choice for racing cars and is one of the most prominent changes to the interior design of the car.

The black Alcantara steering wheel is also inspired by racing cars and features red carbon fiber inserts to give the car a distinctive dynamic and sporty character, while the NISMO logo is engraved on the headrests. The center console and dashboard have been redesigned in line with NISMO’s design features and allow the driver to make decisions while driving directly thanks to the information available at hand.

The level of quietness inside the cabin of the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 was improved as a result of reducing the noise and vibration of the body. The air conditioning system for the second-line seats has also been modified to provide a more comfortable experience.

The new Nissan Patrol Nismo is available in four exterior color options: white, black, gray and silver.

A passion for performance

The design of the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 relies on practical functions that provide the driver with aerodynamic features, a motorsport-inspired design, as well as enhanced handling and agility. The car is modified by a team of craftsmen, Takumi, and is a team of four who oversee the modification and assembly of the engines. GT-R. Thanks to their skills, the V8 Patrol engine can generate 428 hp and 560 Nm of torque.

Among the major updates to the design of the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 is the addition of side vents to the front bumper to achieve zero lift force, and this is a remarkable achievement in the SUV segment. The aerodynamic power is enhanced by the cumulative reduction in wheel weight of 4.5 kg and is controlled by a new roof spoiler to ensure smooth airflow at the rear of the car. The adoption of a large heat capacity also enhances braking performance, while structural rigidity allows better handling at higher speeds.

The new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 is also equipped with the latest Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology to provide drivers with peace of mind while driving. The latest additions include the intelligent emergency braking system with pedestrian sensing in front of the vehicle, the intelligent front-collision warning system, the smart rearview mirror, and the high-beam assistant. Technology upgrades to the Patrol Nismo also include compatibility with Apple CarPlay And the possibility of wireless charging and ports USB including USB-A AndUSB-C.

The new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2021 will be sold in the Kingdom from April 2021, at a starting price of 388,000 Saudi riyals (105,000 US dollars), including value-added tax. Prices differ from one market to another.

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