Delivering 30 Hyundai heavy trucks to Almajdouie Transport Company

Almajdouie Motors, the authorized distributor of the Hyundai brand in the eastern and northern regions, “Commercial Vehicles Sector”, announced the delivery of 30 “Accent” heavy trucks to Almajdouie Logistics. MLC As an initial payment from the contract, which will allow the company specialized in handling, heavy transport and logistical business to expand its business in this field, and implement many mega projects in the regions. On this occasion, Eng. Sherif El Gohary, CEO of Almajdouie Hyundai Motors, said: “We are happy to deliver this fleet. The large heavy vehicle of a sister company after testing 50 trucks in actual operation for a period of more than 4 years in order to renew its fleet and help in carrying out its huge construction and logistical work, and we have worked closely over several months, to determine the company’s needs of these vehicles and design the specifications that suit them Accordingly, we have provided the best group of new Hyundai trucks of the Accent type that meet their needs The new trucks that have been delivered will contribute to the transfer of the company’s business to new dimensions, and we wish it to achieve more success and growth in the regions. Bin Ali Almajdouie, CEO of Almajdouie Logistics, said that the new trucks will be a valuable addition to the company’s truck fleet and we look forward to continuing Working with our partners and very happy with the existing cooperation between us, which produced a prosperous success, as this success is the culmination of our strong and constructive relationship, which we always work to strengthen with the continuous cooperation between us.. On the technical level, Hyundai Accent trucks live up to the challenge by providing it with a variety of two-, three- or four-axle chassis versions, in addition to suspension systems that provide excellent comfort and stability. . Its engine power of 440 horsepower is the most powerful heavy truck engine ever, in addition to the automatic transmission enjoying a lot of high technology and ideal performance with a lower operating cost. This is especially important due to the large center of gravity of the truck. The truck tonnage also has a very important role, and the innovative design gives this truck the ability to transport large quantities of huge volumes, which enhances the fleet’s efficiency in working and achieves more success.

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