Dar Al Mokabeh Rent A Car Company develops its fleet

In keeping with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, which provided many opportunities in all fields, including the market share of the car rental market, which has grown since the launch of Vision 2030. (Dsrent) Which is one of the pioneers in car rental in the Kingdom, especially in the luxury car sector, which has been operating in the Saudi market for nearly fifteen years, developing its business with the tourism sector and companies that serve this important sector, which is one of the pillars of Vision 2030, and also working to modernize its fleet of cars and cooperate with Governmental bodies related to the tourism renaissance from international hotels that serve the tourism market inside the Kingdom and others, which will create many job opportunities for ambitious Saudi youth, and Dar Al Mukabah Car Rental Company (Dsrent) On the company’s governance during the current year and submitting the company’s file to the Capital Market Authority in order to create a lot of opportunities for the company to provide for further progress and growth and to provide the best services at all levels, including the development of an appropriate structure for rental prices, which has a direct impact on customers and the sectors that it deals with. (Dsrent) At the same time, it is working with the Security Control Company to build a financial, administrative and operational system for the company and add all services from an electronic application that enables the customer to get his car at the time and place he wants, which saves time and effort for customers. Dar Al Mokabah Rent A Car Company also promised to strive to provide its customers with the best services when providing them. Noting that it has won many certificates of thanks and appreciation for its quality and professionalism in providing its services. In addition to the aforementioned work on development, the goal of the Dar Al-Maqabah Car Rental Company is (Dsrent) To be the first company in the field of car rental in the Gulf market and the countries of the world, and through this work we aspire to be a global brand..reliable all over the world and trust in the quality of its services to all customers. Which has taken its slogan during the coming period (Our ambition embraces the sky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(

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