Covid-19: “You are nice, but as long as you have vaccines in the fridges, I will not reconfine people”, says Emmanuel Macron

He made this statement during the Sanitary Defense Council on Wednesday, according to our information.

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Emmanuel Macron rules out the possibility of generalized reconfinement. “You are nice, but as long as you have vaccines in the fridges, I will not re-limit people”, he said Wednesday March 3 during the Health Defense Council, according to our information. Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic which is not slowing down, the government has therefore decided to confine only Pas-de-Calais during the weekend, but to leave the inhabitants of the Paris region and the departments under enhanced surveillance free to circulate, announced the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, during a press conference.

Earlier, the President of the Republic had given a prospect of exiting the tunnel, assuring that‘”we have to hold out for a few more weeks, four to six weeks”, between maintaining restrictions, such as the 6 p.m. curfew, and vaccinations to curb the epidemic. “The return to a more normal life is in sight (…) perhaps from mid-April”, added the spokesman of the government, Gabriel Attal.

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