Containment on weekends, new departments monitored … what Castex could announce

While waiting for a ” return to a more normal life […] maybe from mid-April “As the optimistic government spokesman Gabriel Attal declared on Wednesday, Jean Castex risks announcing new restrictive measures this Thursday, March 4 at 6 pm, during his traditional weekly press briefing on the health situation.

Localized confinement over the weekend will “probably not” be sufficient, judge Rémi Salomon

Against the tide of its European neighbors, such as Germany and England, which are beginning a period of deconfinement, France is fighting to avoid generalized reconfinement and is betting on a case-by-case strategy.

Weekends confined in Pas-de-Calais, not in Ile-de-France

“We are seeing strong tensions on the hospital system, an increase in the number of cases but not an explosion, without territorial homogeneity […]. But a national confinement or the weekend is for us only a last resort “, a government source told AFP on Wednesday.

Thus, if the Ile-de-France region escapes confinement on weekends, Pas-de-Calais should be the first of the 20 departments placed under ” enhanced surveillance »To inaugurate it, after the agglomerations of Nice and Dunkirk last week.

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Further restrictions may be announced. Among them, the ban on places of high traffic, such as docks, or a further drop in gauges in businesses, said the government source.

Updated map of supervised departments

In the 20 departments under “ enhanced surveillance Listed by the Prime Minister last week, some have seen their incidence rate largely rise above the maximum alert threshold.

This is why the list should change: in Pas-de-Calais and Seine-Saint-Denis, the incidence rates exceed 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days, well above the alert threshold. maximum set at 250 by the health authorities.

“Schools must remain open except in the event of strict confinement”

Nearly ten departments should come into vigilance and some, two or three, would come out, according to information from LCI.

Acceleration of vaccination

In addition, during the health defense council on Wednesday, March 3, the President of the Republic requested an acceleration of the vaccination. “He wants to accelerate the vaccination in pharmacies and that it deposits in the vaccination centers”, confides a participant to the “Parisien”.

Emmanuel Macron would also have ruled in favor of compulsory vaccination for caregivers according to “Les Echos” this Thursday, March 4.

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In Covid services, we have 80 % vaccinated but elsewhere much less. It is not possible. This is unacceptable, thus rebelled a participant of the defense council. Covid-19 has become the first nosocomial disease in hospital. Those who don’t want to do it now, it’s on principle.

Prof. Gilles Pialoux, head of the infectious disease department at Tenon hospital (Paris), also stressed the vaccination coverage of caregivers at the start of the week. “Totally insufficient”.

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