Climate law: Extinction Rebellion activists are chained to the National Assembly against a text deemed not ambitious enough

Smoke in hand and padlock around the neck, a dozen activists from Extinction Rebellion chained themselves to the gates of the National Assembly, Tuesday, May 4, to castigate the climate bill they deem too weak. For “release” these demonstrators, the environmental movement sent “12 keys to 12 ministers and deputies, symbolizing flagship measures of the Citizens’ Convention” on the climate, that the government and the majority “have decided to bury or almost”, one of the members told AFP. Keys were thus sent to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, or to that of Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, with the aim of criticizing government arbitrations.

Shouting “Extinction Rebellion”, these young women called on deputies to vote against the climate bill, before the first reading ballot, scheduled for the end of the day. About twenty people attended the action at Place du Palais Bourbon, including Cyril Dion. The guarantor of the Citizen’s Convention for the climate deplored the “overly measured actions” in ecological matters since “fifty years”. “This law is a shame, the deputies do not want to hear us, we are obliged to go to the balance of power”, denounced Elodie Nace, spokesperson for the Alternatiba movement. Jean-François Périgné, of the Confédération paysanne, lambasted a “unnecessary law”.

In the hemicycle, Adrien Quatennens (LFI) relayed this militant action, accusing the government of having “charred” the hopes of the Citizen’s Climate Convention, whose work inspired the drafting of the bill.[Des] people are attached, they represent twelve flagship measures that do not appear in your climate bill, the keys are at your disposal. Will you untie them? “ he told the government.

Barbara Pompili regretted “sterile debates” for “talk all or nothing” in ecological matters. “When we ask for everything, in general we have nothing. (…) Rather than making big sentences, having immense objectives, which in the end end in nothing because they lead to a social revolt, we put in place demanding measures. And opposite, each time, there is an accompaniment which is planned “, said the Minister of Ecological Transition.

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