Bentley introduces a client-specific Mulliner Visualiser

Bentley introduced its new Bentley Mulliner Visualiser, which now makes it easy for customers to coordinate with dealerships remotely to fulfill their specific requirements regarding the customization of their cars.

The Bentley Mulliner Visualiser is a digital application that allows customers to see images of colors, veneers and specific embroidery options customized by them, thus obtaining an accurate visualization of their Bentley. Clients can work with agents or designers of Bentley’s Mulliner division, who can create up to three different colors to create their own interior design. The digital application is distinguished by the fact that it guides the customer, through the agent, through the process and generates images of the final design in real time, which gives the opportunity to put notes and enhances the confidence of customers that their own design matches their vision, and that it is part of the same experience available on the screen.

The Mulliner Visualiser also allows customers to create or customize their own base color for the cladding and provides a reference code that can be sent directly to Bentley Mulliner’s skilled craftsmen.

The customization options are not limited to the car’s interior. Mulliner has carefully created an exclusive and distinct range of paint colors that exceed those available across the standard Bentley color scheme, thus providing customers with 26 additional colors to choose from.

The additional range includes a mixture of fifteen hard and metallic colors, four matte finishes, and seven complex three-layer fluorescent paints. The expertise in hand spraying, complemented by the latest automated technology, delivers the finest finishing touches to every vehicle. By combining color art and paint science, Bentley offers one of the broadest color schemes available to any luxury car manufacturer.

To maximize the exclusive benefits, craftsmen in Bentley’s customization division can virtually match the colors of any model submitted, using an innovative color recognition program to analyze and reproduce the component of the presented pattern to the highest levels of accuracy. Thus, it can be assumed that the limits of innovation only stop with the cessation of the customer’s imagination.

Expanding the color range

The expanded package includes solid, metallic, shiny and radiant colors. Mulliner colors complement the previous set of 62 shades and are distributed in parallel across the color spectrum. Here are some examples of the colors available now:

The color Oxford Blue was created for the first time in the 1960s and is a striking, solid color in the darkest blue in the Bentley range. These stunning Mulliner colors echo the energy and elegance of the Oxford and Cambridge regattas.

Viridian is the newest metallic color to be introduced and is a modern take on the traditional British racing green. This exotic dark emerald hue is inspired by the EXP 10 Speed ​​6 concept car unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2015. The dark green combined with light green and blue primary colors creates a distinctive depth and gives a sporty dimension, while the notes of amber and gold embody the personality of luxury.

Harmony between the outside and the inside

Clients wishing to add a touch of color to interior veneers can choose the piano-coated veneers by Bentley Mulliner, which give a very modern look and nicely complement the wide range of interior veneers available.

The quality of the veneers is chosen with the same precision by Bentley’s master craftsmen, regardless of whether they are veneered or painted, to ensure the same smooth finish to the surface. Then, the veneers are smoothed by hand before processing, and then carefully painted to ensure a perfect finish. After completion of the coating, the veneer undergoes a polishing process using lamb wool to achieve a mirror-like finish.


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