Abdul Latif Jameel Motors launches the all-new Toyota Corolla Cross in Saudi Arabia

Building on the rich legacy of the best-selling Toyota vehicle, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, the authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles in the Kingdom, is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new Corolla Cross to join the Corolla family in the Kingdom.

The new car offers high performance with a smooth ride for drivers, as well as a comfortable and elegant transportation experience for passengers, making it the perfect choice for adventure enthusiasts, business men and women, or for those who want to spend time with loved ones and friends.

Since its introduction on the Japanese market for the first time in 1966, the cumulative sales of the Toyota Corolla have reached more than 48 million vehicles in more than 150 countries and territories around the world. The model continued its development path in line with the needs of the times, as the new model is expected to meet the growing demand for SUVs. SUV In the region, to give customers the opportunity to choose the vehicle that suits their different lifestyles.

The Corolla Hybrid crossover vehicle has been designed. HEV The all-new electric, as a new category of SUV, combines a bold, modern exterior with a comfortable and spacious interior, with the aim of exceeding customer expectations. It also enables Toyota’s new global structural frameworks platform TNGA, The Corolla Cross-Hybrid electric vehicle to achieve high performance, a comfortable driving experience, as well as peace and quiet inside. In addition to exceptional comfort, the Corolla Cross has a spacious cabin, easy entry and exit, class-leading luggage space wherever the destination is, as well as a comprehensive set of safety features that the Corolla family of vehicles inherits for generations.

Commenting on the introduction of the new model, Munir Khoja, Executive General Manager Marketing Communications at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, said: “We are delighted to welcome the all-new Corolla Crossover to the Kingdom. Providing pioneering mobility solutions that support the Kingdom’s wise leadership efforts in preserving the environment and enhancing energy security, and we strive together to launch new models in line with the needs of guests and their changing requirements in the Kingdom. In this context, the latest version of the Corolla Cross vehicle depends on the continuous comments we receive from our guests. Across the country so it fits perfectly with their dynamic lifestyles. “

To develop the all-new “hybrid” electric crossover vehicle, Toyota combined its leadership in developing electric hybrid vehicles. HEV It has extensive experience in the SUV range SUVIn addition to its ability to ensure high levels of quality, durability and reliability. This innovative vehicle is based on three main elements: Toyota’s long legacy that extends for more than 23 years in developing environmentally friendly technologies, a huge customer base of more than 16 million satisfied customers with the acquisition of electric hybrid vehicles, and the company’s possession of the largest number of Models of “hybrid” electric vehicles in the region.

The all-new Toyota Corolla Cross attracts attention with its bold and advanced design that combines the durability of an SUV with modern elegance. The front grille also provides a feeling of strength and stability. The exterior design distinction is complemented by the headlamps, which feature technology LED (Light Emitting Diode) in a way that mimics the effect of curtains, which is the first of its kind in Toyota vehicles.

The fender and front bumper design enhance the driving pleasure, while the solid wheel curves embrace modern 17-inch alloy wheels and sturdy, wide rear fenders, which all highlight the aerodynamic appearance of the vehicle’s body and its elegant and modern design..

The Toyota Corolla Cross character is complemented by a comfortable interior that expresses exceptional quality and refined finishes throughout. The cabin also includes a wide range of features, including an automatic air conditioning system with smart control S-FLOWWhich achieves more comfort on the one hand, and fuel efficiency on the other hand, by providing air conditioning for the seats that are occupied by passengers only, with special air conditioning vents for rear seat passengers. The cabin features a sunroof that can be controlled with one touch and a multi-information color display MID Inside a 7-inch instrument cluster, and an 8-inch multimedia touch screen that integrates with smart phone systems via the Apple CarPlay system. Apple CarPlay , In addition to an audio system with 6 speakers, and folding rear seats in which the backrest is separated into two parts in a 40:60 ratio, and the cabin also comes with an intelligent system to open the vehicle and start it.

The all-new Toyota Corolla Cross is characterized by advanced dynamic performance, thanks to the new “Hybrid” electric propulsion system, which combines two power sources, and consists of a petrol engine of capacity 1.8 Liter runs an “Atkinson” cycle system and generates power 97 Horsepower and 142 Nm of torque, and two electric motors deliver 71 horsepower and 163 Nm of torque. And with a total strength of 121 A horse. This system is coupled with an electrically controlled continuously variable transmission e-CVT, Which contributes to achieving high fuel efficiency 23.7 Km / liter. You can also choose between three driving modes, which include Economy Mode ECO, And the normal pattern NORMAL, And sports style SPORT, To cater to various leadership styles. The fully electric dependent driving mode can also be used EV Mode Separately interchangeable with any of the three driving modes listed, to achieve a quiet, emissions-free ride at low speed and short distances.

The all-new “hybrid” electric Toyota Corolla Crossover delivers exceptional interior quietness and smooth acceleration, especially when starting from a standstill. This, and the all-new model can be driven either entirely by electric energy without any fuel consumption or carbon emissions, or by using the energy generated from both the gasoline engine and the electric motors, depending on the vehicle’s speed and driving style. Hybrid electric batteries are constantly charged either by the petrol engine or when the vehicle is applied to the brakes and reduce the vehicle’s speed. Thus, there is no need to use an external power supply or cable to recharge it. Although the Toyota Corolla Crossover is distinguished by a group of advanced technologies, it does not require special fuel, and the way it is driven and cared for is no different from any other conventional vehicle.

The all-new Corolla Cross builds on Toyota’s long heritage of advanced hybrid vehicle technology, supported by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ commitment to providing innovative and industry-leading technologies in the Kingdom. Electric cars have been a fundamental component of Toyota’s business since 1997, and in line with this, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has succeeded over the past years in introducing a variety of hybrid cars to the Saudi auto market.

On the global level, Toyota is achieving an increasing growth in adopting its environmentally friendly vehicles, with the cumulative sales of these vehicles exceeding 16 million vehicles, which represents a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 139 million tons compared to those that would have resulted from the use of conventional vehicles, This would not have been possible without the great support for this environmentally friendly approach that the company receives from its customers.

As is the case in all Toyota models, safety remains a top priority in the all-new Toyota Corolla Cross, as the new vehicle provides an integrated set of safety features that provide high levels of protection for passengers, such as 7 airbags that operate with the supplementary restraint system. SRS (Including side curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag), Vehicle Stability Control System VSC, And the traction control system TRC, Blind spot monitoring system BSM, Rear Cross Traffic Alert System RCTA, Tire pressure monitoring system TPWSAnd many other benefits.

A choice of six distinct colors adds elegance and appeal to the stunning exterior appearance of the all-new “hybrid” electric Toyota Corolla crossover. These colors include: Celestite Gray Metallic, Shiny Crystal White Pearl, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gray, Mica Black and Mica Red Metallic. Meanwhile, the interior is available in Terra Rossa, with optional leather or textile materials. The vehicle’s premium exterior is completed by the 17 ”alloy wheels.

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